Microsoft demos a cool slate and a Windows 7/WP7 movie app at WP2010.

Windows 7 Slate

During Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC today, CEO  Steve Ballmer announced that a lot Slates running Windows 7,  will be coming later in the year to compete with ( though not specifically naming) the iPad and Android tablets. A little later on in Keynote, there was a short demo of the Hanvon Slate featuring an ebook  reader that looked pretty fast and fluid. They also demoed a very interactive video app that had social networking and search capabilities powered by Bing built in. As a teaser for what they may show tomorrow, they briefly demoed the movie app running on a WP7 phone!

Today was mainly focused on the enterprise while tomorrow’s keynotes will touch more on the consumer side of things with Andy Lees who heads the mobile communication business taking center stage.  Hopefully, we will witness never before seen demos of the Windows Phone 7  OS and  Windows slates and get more information about the release dates. Below are videos of the the Hanvon Slate  and movie app demos. They are little grainy but you get the idea.

Windows 7 slate
Windows/ phone7 movie app