Microsoft Demonstrates Video Calling Between Skype And Lync, Lync Is Now A Billion Dollar Business

Lync 2013 November Update

At Lync Conference 2014 held at Las Vegas, Microsoft made few announcement regarding its communications platform. Microsoft’s communications platform mainly comprises of two parts, Skype on consumer side and Lync on enterprise side. Microsoft is making progress in both these sides individually and also trying to bring them together. For example, Microsoft demonstrated video calling between Skype and Lync, making it possible for consumers and businesses everywhere to use video for nearly every conversation.

“The coming years will bring an even more dramatic transformation as we enable people everywhere to take advantage of rich communications for all the important relationships in their work and personal lives,” he said. “Consumers that already enjoy Skype will be able to easily reach businesses from the devices and services of their choice, and to take advantage of chat, voice, video and content sharing as they see fit. Professionals will be able to connect in the same ways with co-workers, business partners and customers around the globe, from the applications they use to run their businesses.”

Also, Lync has now become a $1 billion dollar business and ships more unified communications voice lines to enterprises than any other technology company in the world. Microsoft also provided a clear five point strategy for their universal communication vision,

· Consistent experience for work and for life. Lync provides a consistent single-client experience for instant messaging, voice, video and meetings, as does Skype. We will bring these experiences even closer over time to make it easier for people to communicate, both at work and in life.

· Context and Application Intelligence. We make communications accessible in the online activities people care about most, including Xbox One, Office,, Bing, SharePoint and others, and will include communications as we help customers harness the potential of the social enterprise with Yammer.

· Across all devices. Lync supports Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Windows, and last year we delivered updates every quarter on nearly all of these. On mobile, we added voice and video over IP, meeting content viewing, anonymous meeting join, and most recently, speech commands on Windows Phone. Today, we’re showing our Lync app for Android tablets for the first time, which will be available this summer. Skype supports each of these platforms as well, and adds Xbox One and numerous smart TVs.

· Video everywhere. Skype made video calling between consumers everywhere possible, and Lync delivered cost-effective HD video calling and meetings over the Internet for enterprises. Last year, we connected Skype and Lync for audio calling and instant messaging. Customers have already registered more than 10,000 unique domain names to use this service. Today, we’ve taken this a step further by demonstrating video calling between Skype and Lync, making it possible for consumers and businesses everywhere to use video for nearly every conversation. We’re also adding native interoperability between Lync and legacy video teleconference systems, helping customers achieve a continuing return on existing investments.

· Global reach through the cloud. Universal communications not only means delivering rich communications for businesses of all sizes, but also ensuring that anyone on Lync Online can reach anyone else, whether on Skype, Office 365 or the PSTN. In addition, customers can take advantage of the full power of Lync Server in private cloud offers from our global alliance partners, and have the option to purchase Office 365 from AT&T, Vodafone and others who combine their own services with Lync Online.

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