Microsoft delivers EGG self-contained classroom to the Philipines powered by Whitespace technology



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Microsoft and the Philipines Department of Education has worked together to create a next generation containerized classroom to deliver education to underserved and unconnected areas in the Philipines.

The EGG (so-called because it is self-contained) will be able to generate its own electricity via solar panels on the roof, its own water by collecting and filtering rain water and will have connections to the Internet via Whitespaces technology, ideal due to its range and ability to penetrate obstaces easily.

It can be delivered by truck, boat or helicopter and set up by villagers themselves in 3 days.  One EGG can accommodate more than 30 students, but the structures can also be stacked or clustered to from schools (or even storm shelters in emergencies)  and can be easily disassembled and redeployed.

Using Skype students will be able to connect and collaborate with other EGGS around the country.

“We believe now is the perfect time to fully harness the power of technology and help Filipino learners get a 21st century education through connectivity for all and Microsoft is glad to be spearheading this initiative with DepEd.” said Karrie Ilagan, General Manager for Microsoft Philippines.

The first EGG will be launched in Bohol in July with more expected to be deployed around the country.

See a video showing off the classroom below.

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