Microsoft debuts a George Takei Actiongram character on HoloLens


Microsoft has teamed up with George Takei (from Star Trek) to bring his own holographic character to the HoloLens. The company is adding the holographic character to its Actiongram app which allows users to put holograms on their videos, which Microsoft likes to call “a new medium of storytelling”.

Create your own mixed reality videos featuring holographic characters and effects. A steady supply of themed packs will feature content from your favorite brands and genres. Place, resize, and record holograms in the real world for a new take on storytelling. Actiongram Beta is available now, featuring George Takei, Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, and more!

You can see George Takei’s holograms in action below:

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If you own a HoloLens, you can get Actiongram here and if you don’t, you can order one here.