Microsoft releases Custom Translator version 2 with higher quality translations and more

Microsoft Custom Translator

Back in 2018, Microsoft first announced the Custom Translator feature as part of its Microsoft Translator service. This service offered a new way for enterprises to customize neural machine translation systems. These customizations can be applied to both text and speech translation workflows.

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of Custom Translator version 2 with higher quality customized translations than version 1 and the ability to keep your training data in the region of your choice. Customers can now take advantage of local data residency in Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, and more US regions to meet your needs.

Deploying dictionary files through a Custom Translator model instead of using the dynamic dictionary feature in a Translator API call simplifies the translation process and reduces the maintenance cost. We expect more than 40% of our customers who train dictionary only models would immediately reap the quality improvement of Custom Translator v2 models.

You can learn more about this release from the link below.

Source: Microsoft