Microsoft creates a separate app for Start menu in Windows 10

In the interest of giving a performance boost to the overall Windows 10 experience, Microsoft created a separate app for the Start menu. Over the last few years, the Windows team fixed a plethora of issues that caused performance degradation, and to better address those performance issues, the team decided to hand over the Start menu to a separate app, says Microsoft.

Needless to say, you won’t notice any visual changes in the start. However, if you compare the old menu experience with the new one you will notice that the latter opens the Start menu more quickly. This according to Microsoft also contributes to the performance improvements for the entire OS.

Windows 10 Start before Windows 10 19H1 came into the picture was a part of the broader Windows Shell experience. Microsoft confirmed that the Start still is in close proximity to the Windows Shell and that the only purpose for creating a separate app was to provide users several benefits including performance boost.

As I said earlier Microsoft already made the change in their upcoming major release of Windows 10 which has an official name called Windows 10 May 2019 Update(a.k.a 19H1/1903). And as the name suggests, the new update will start appearing in your PC(s) in the month of May but if you are one them who doesn’t like to wait then you should definitely register your PC in the Windows Insiders Program.

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