Microsoft continues Windows Phone 7 business push, brings Home Depot along: Update – actually 6.5



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In a surprising move, Windows phone 7 has taken a major turn to the business side.

In the video above we have Home Depot, a major US retail chain, talking about introducing Windows phone 7 to their store floor associates.

Home Depot will be using  Windows Phone 7-powered phone devices to help associates stock shelves, track inventory, check availability at other store locations, make telephone calls, and finalise customer transactions anywhere in the store, a role usually reserved for industrial rugged Windows Mobile devices.

“Windows Phone is different from anything that’s on the market at the moment. It’s really the best platform for a developer that,” says Mickey Haynes, senior mobile architect, Home Depot.

“We’re on the verge of another generation of applications,” adds Barbara Sanders, VP and IT chief architect, Home Depot.

Microsoft holds a dominant role in the small rugged mobile device market, with around 80%, but has been threatened in recent months by Android handsets, largely as Microsoft has been sun-setting Windows Mobile, leaving companies with an unclear strategy going forward.

With Microsoft now strongly pushing Windows Phone 7 handsets, and presumably working hard at making these handsets suitable for enterprise use, Microsoft stands a good chance of retaining this leadership and creating a built-in market for the new devices.


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Home Depot have contacted us to correct the article, noting that while they eveluated Windows Phone 7, they have in fact adopted Windows Mobile 6.5.

They write:

There has been an unfortunate misunderstanding in the OnWindows article that is referenced in your blog “Microsoft continues Windows Phone 7 business push, brings Home Depot along”.

The video testimonial that was published on the Microsoft site included testimonial regarding our experience with WP7 during the early adopter program and also discussed our rollout of Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.  Unfortunately, the text accompanying the video made it appear that we are rolling out 7 devices.  We are considering 7 for other enterprise needs, but our current rollout is on 6.5.  Microsoft and the production company that produced the video are working to resolve the confusion.

Which of course makes a lot more sense.

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