Microsoft continues to lose browser share as user flock from IE


Net Applications have released browser share for the month of June 2016, and this still aren’t looking all too good for Redmond. Edge and Internet Explorer combined to account for just 36.7% of global user share, down 1.9% from May. This marks the 18th straight month that Microsoft’s browser has lost users, to the tune of somewhere around 33 million to be exact.

As recently as November last year, IE and Edge accounted for more than half of the global browser user share, and in the last 12 months alone has lost around 17.3% of it’s share. Chrome was likely the browser benefiting most from the lost share, adding 3 percentage points to its share last month, closing out June with 48.7%. After passing IE/Edge in April, Google’s Chrome browser has doubled its share in the past 12 months.

Mozilla’s Firefox, like Redmond, lost share as well, falling from 8.9% to a mere 8%. Apple’s Safari stayed flat, as Opera showed a small gain.

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