Microsoft Completes The Acquisition Of Perceptive Pixel


30, 2012

Microsoft today announced that it has completed the acquisition Of Perceptive Pixel, the manufacturer of high performance touch screen displays. At WPC, Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft will acquire PPI and the deal has been completed now.

Giovanni Mezgec, General Manager of Office Division at Microsoft wrote the following in the blog,

I’m excited to share that all closing conditions for Microsoft’s acquisition of Perceptive Pixel (PPI) have been met, and the deal is completed. PPI Founder, President, and CTO Jeff Han joins Microsoft as a general manager and will report to Kurt DelBene.

We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome PPI to the Microsoft Office Division. PPI’s expertise in hardware, software and thought leadership will contribute to success in broad scenarios such as collaboration, meetings and presentations.

Source: Microsoft

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