Microsoft Complete: Is it worth the money

by Anmol
March 4, 2020
Microsoft Surface Family

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Microsoft Complete is the company’s own accidental damage protection service aimed at helping customers in case they damage their hardware. Microsoft offers the plan along with hardware purchases which include Surface, and Xbox.

Microsoft Complete doesn’t come with a whole lot of terms and conditions so it’s easier to file a claim in case something happens to your shiny Xbox or Surface. Unfortunately, the plan is only available for Microsoft hardware not to any other hardware, even the ones that Microsoft sells directly (which includes Samsung smartphones, third-party laptops, etc).

Keep your new Surface, Xbox or Accessory up and running with accidental damage protection from drops, spills, and cracked screens. With Microsoft Complete, if something goes wrong, you’re covered—simple as that.

– Microsoft

Is Microsoft Complete worth the money?

Short answer, yes. The plan gives you peace of mind especially when it comes to expensive Surface devices. With Surface devices, 99% of the time, it’s the screen that breaks and those replacements are costly. Even though Microsoft has improved the design of Surface devices in the last couple of years, it still doesn’t allow an easy screen replacement. This drives the replacement costs and breaking your device can cost you anywhere from $150 to $900.

Another important thing to note here is the extended warranty. Microsoft adds extra warranty to your device when you buy Complete so you get up to 2 years for Surface and up to 3 years for Xbox. When it comes to coverage, Complete will cover things like drops, cracked screens, and spilling liquid onto it (up to 2 Surface replacements or 2 years whichever comes first). For Xbox, Microsoft Complete will cover drops, spilling liquid onto the console, mechanical breakdowns (1 Console replacement, 2 Xbox standard Controller replacements, 1 Elite Controller replacement, 1 power supply replacement). Microsoft will also provide help for Xbox games along with the Xbox console plans.

Moving onto the support, with Xbox you will get the standard Microsoft support both at home or on the go. This changes a bit with Surface as Microsoft will also provide you with hardware and software support. This includes help with Windows and Office 365. This will be beneficial for people who are new to Surface and want to get the most out of their device. Microsoft doesn’t have a limit on these so you can attend as many sessions as you want and get comfortable with the device. Microsoft also offers free tuneups, virus removal and even data recovery if you need it.

What does Microsoft Complete cost?

The cost of Microsoft Complete differs from region to region. In the US, Microsoft complete will cost you $149. Here in Australia, it costs AU$179 (~$119). The price for Microsoft Complete doesn’t change with the specs so whether you buy the base variant or the most expensive variant, the price will be the same.

For Xbox,  Microsoft Complete will cost you $49 and will differ from region to region. Again, Microsoft Complete doesn’t change with the specs so you will be looking at the same cost for both Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

You will need to pay some deductibles when claiming it. They differ from region to region and you can see the full pricing on Microsoft’s website. In the US, you will need to pay $49 while here in Australia, you will need to pay AU$54.

How can you buy Microsoft Complete?

Microsoft Complete is not available in every country at the moment. You will need to be in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the US.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Complete for Xbox is only available in the USA, Canada and Australia.

You can buy Microsoft Complete from Microsoft’s online store along with your order. Alternatively, you can also go to the physical Microsoft Store and get the plan for your device or buy it along with the device. Microsoft gives you 45 days to think about it so if for some reasons you’re not ready to buy it straight away then you can buy it within 45 days of your purchase. Lastly, you can buy the device from third-party retailers and take it to the Microsoft Store and buy Microsoft Complete for your device.

Should you buy Microsoft Complete?

As we noted in the beginning, this is definitely worth the money. Not only are you getting accidental damage protection, but you’re also getting a host of other benefits for a fraction of the cost. Microsoft Surface devices are really expensive and if you’re someone who will be using it in all kinds of environments then it will be a good idea to get Microsoft Complete.

We highly recommend getting it for Surface devices as accidents happen and it’s good to know that Microsoft has you covered in case you break your Surface. For Xbox, we have mixed opinion. Your Xbox console will be moving around less than Surface and if you can keep it safely in your home then maybe you will be better off not getting Microsoft Complete for Xbox. That being said, it will cost you $49 and will give you peace of mind for 2 years so if you’re clumsy or have someone who’s clumsy then maybe this will be a good investment.

If you’re planning to move to a country where Complete is not available then we don’t recommend buying it as Microsoft won’t honour the plan. This applies to both Xbox and Surface devices.

Overall, this is definitely a great deal and will cover you in case something goes wrong. One thing you need to note is Microsoft Complete is not an insurance and you can’t treat it like one. Microsoft will only cover accidental damage so things like theft will not be covered under Microsoft Complete.

If you’re not sure about it then you can use your device for 45 days and decide if you need Microsoft Complete or not. We do highly recommend it but at the end, it boils down to you and your ability to keep your hardware safe from accidents and far far away from liquids.

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