Microsoft compared NoDo to Froyo delivery


21, 2011

Author Surur // in News


Microsoft has caught a lot of flack for their late delivery of the NoDo update, but if their benchmark to beat was Android rather than the iPhone they seem (by their calculation at least) to be sitting very pretty.

Of course they are counting from the official announcement, while us Windows phone 7 users have in fact been expecting NoDo since January.

endyearThe slide comes from pack of 18 summing up the developer features in Mango, and which also re-iterates that we will see the first Mango emulator in May, which should reveal a lot more about the consumer features of the OS.

It also mentions updates will start hitting phones by the end of the year, which rather worryingly suggests some of us may be waiting till next year for Mango on our phones.

See the full slide deck here.

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