Microsoft Collabrated Closely With Nokia For Bringing Lumia 1020 To Life

Nokia Pro Cam UI

I saw some tweets on my timeline from some Nokia fans that Microsoft is hindering the innovation of Nokia with Windows Phone OS. They were like Microsoft is not fast enough for Nokia, etc,. Official Windows Phone blog posted an interview of Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore and Nokia’s Kevin Shields which essentially answers some of the questions some Nokia fans had.

Even though they think Nokia did all the work for bringing Nokia Lumia 1020 to life, Microsoft played an important role too. It is not just about visible OS features to make a good product like Lumia 1020.

Here is an excerpt from the interview,

What are some specific examples of how this collaboration worked and how the Windows Phone OS helped?

Joe: We know the OS deeply and add that kind of thinking to the mix. So we spent time together working on the architecture so the 1020 camera can capture two images at once—a super high-res shot and an oversampled 5-megapixel version for easier sharing. And we shared early builds of software and hardware so we could give each other feedback on the work in progress—I think I wrote more than 10 pages of feedback myself on the Nokia Pro Camera app as it was being developed.

We also added new features to the Windows Phone code— improving the zoom capability of our photo viewer, for example, so you can zoom in further on a larger-resolution image. A lot of the work we do in Windows Phone is “under the covers”—but the results show both in the killer new phones that have been coming out month after month and in the software that Nokia has delivered on the platform.

Kevin: Besides the under the covers things Joe mentioned, there’s also simple but incredibly important things like Windows Phone’s overall navigation experience. When a consumer picks up the product, it just make logical sense how to operate it. And Windows Phone does a terrific job of sharing images. I know this from personal experience. When we moved to Finland, this quickly became the way my wife communicated with our friends and family back in the States. It’s just so easy to snap a picture, put a comment on it and upload it to Facebook to stay connected.

The way Windows Phone is architected to switch between camera lens apps is also really novel and intuitive. The last thing I’d point to is what Windows Phone does with Live Tiles, which really help bring to life things like images and the updates from your social network. So those are just some examples of where the Windows Phone OS really helps us bring crazy technology like the 41-megapixel sensor even more to life.

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