Microsoft coding Windows Phone 7 apps for other companies? Of course they are!!

Many high profile apps in Marketplace were likely coded by Microsoft.

Pocketnow have published an article from an anonymous source implying that Microsoft is boosting Marketplace by basically porting, at their own expense, Windows Phone 7 apps for companies with iPhone apps.

"Microsoft approached us and asked if they could help ‘translate’ our iOS app over to Windows Phone.


"I started getting emails asking me to install and test various ‘drops’ of the Windows Phone version of our app. Suddenly a Windows Phone showed up on my desk with a note ‘For Testing Purposes’. Two things stood out as odd: the app wasn’t a translation of the iOS app, from what I could tell it had been rewritten from the ground-up; and the emails weren’t coming from inside Microsoft, they were coming from another company that I’d never heard of."

It is not really news that Microsoft has been writing high profile applications for companies.  The Facebook app is a good example of this.  Brandon Watson has previously made it clear Microsoft had two teams to get apps into Marketplace – a broadly focussed team headed by Brandon Watson to net the  usual developers and a spearfishing team to get high profile apps on board.  That spearfishing team is much more secretive, but it is clear that apps like the British Airways app and other high profile apps were not coded in-house.

The move helps bring apps to Windows Phone 7 that would otherwise not be justified by the smaller size of the Windows Phone 7 installed base and would therefore not be financially justifiable to a company.

Targeting money at bringing the top apps from iPhone and Android to Windows Phone 7 is a pretty good use of resources for Microsoft, and has a lot more PR value than any single ad on TV, and hopefully long will it continue.

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