Microsoft Claims modern.IE Saving 1 Million Hours Of Testing For Web Developers

Modern IE saving web developers time and effort

Microsoft launched modern.IE website for web developers last year in an effort to make the job for web developers easier when it comes to testing in different browsers. It was a nightmare to test in different Internet Explorer versions since you can’t have more than one version installed on a Windows machine. Also, developers on Mac and Linux platforms were not able to test on IE. To solve this issue, Microsoft launched modern.IE,

One of the best ways to easily test across multiple versions of Internet Explorer is through virtualization technology. Since launching last year, over 750,000 developers have used the virtualization tools on, saving an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes by using pre-configured VMs and 2 hours and 48 minutes using Browserstack, when compared to building a VM from scratch. Collectively, those developers have saved over one million hours, freeing them to focus on building innovative sites that move the web forward.

Since launching modern.IE last year, developers have saved over 1 million hours testing for Internet Explorer! We launched modern.IE with the simple aim of helping web developers test their sites with IE and are thrilled to find that the site has made a real impact after just one year.

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Source: IE blog