Microsoft Claims Its Advertising Network Drives 71 Percent Higher Ad Yield than AdMob On Windows Phones


Today Microsoft Advertising bogged about its latest research on Advertising revenue on Windows Phone from both its own network and Google’s AdMob offering. Microsoft tested it with two app developers Krashlander and Paper toss. Both the apps have been downloaded over 231k and 222k times respectively from the marketplace. Here is the study and the result,

Herm Mogilevskiy, developer of the “Paper Toss” app, and Jeff Weber, the developer for the “Krashlander” app, implemented the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 and Google’s AdMob Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK on a 50/50 rotation in both of their apps to see which one would provide a higher advertising yield. From June 2nd to June 20th these two apps made nearly 2.33 MM total ad requests split between Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK for Mobile and Google’s AdMob Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK.

During this period, the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 drove a 71% higher yield, producing greater overall gross revenue earnings and fill rate.

Microsoft also promises some exciting news in next few months on the international support of its world’s most advanced monetization engine for mobile apps. Hope developer gets high return for their effort.

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