The Microsoft Cityman will reportedly have on-screen keys


Earlier this week, some new info on the Microsoft Cityman (Lumia 950 XL/ Lumia 950) and the Microsoft Talkman (Lumia 940 XL / Lumia 940) was leaked. We also got to see how the Cityman may look from the folks over at Windows Central – the website posted a couple of renders to show how Microsoft’s Cityman device may look and their sources also stated that the renders are “like the real thing”.

Today, the report was updated to state that the device will include on-screen keys instead of capacitive keys. So why is Microsoft going with on-screen keys for its flagship device? It could be because on-screen keys are preferred by many users as they improve the user experience – for example, the on-screen keys often reduce accidental presses and can easily vanish when they are not being used.

For those wondering, it isn’t yet known if the Cityman’s younger brother, the Talkman will include on-screen keys or capacitive keys just yet.

Nonetheless, take this rumor with a grain of salt as things could change before the actual launch date. It’s also worth noting that the above image is a mockup showing off how the Cityman may look with on-screen keys, but this may not be 100% accurate – and it’s just a photoshopped mockup (which was released originally by WC).
So, are you a fan of on-screen keys? Or do you prefer capacitive keys? Discuss in the comment section below.

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