Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Talks About Phone Business Future


Chris Capossela, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft recently spoke at Citi analyst conference. He spoke about the Windows Phone business and its future. He revealed that Microsoft is aware of the fact that Windows fans really want a wonderful Windows Phone that will be a premium flagship phone. Microsoft is also going to build phones for businesses focused on productivity. When asked about the future, he reiterated that Microsoft want to be in the phone space.

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WALTER PRITCHARD: I think there’s still an investor question out there on the phone form factor, where you to some degree retrenched from the market, to some degree left the door open to go back into that market. And I’m wondering if you were to fast forward three to five years from now, we have you guys on stage, what is your — what is Microsoft’s footprint look like in the phone market? Again, let’s call them the standard phone, not a hybrid, not just — just a plain old phone.

CHRIS CAPOSSELA: Four to seven inch.

WALTER PRITCHARD: Yeah, four to seven inch touch screen phone, what is the Microsoft role in that market three to five years from now?

CHRIS CAPOSSELA: Yeah, we’ve definitely retrenched. I wouldn’t say we’ve modestly, we’ve massively retrenched. And I think that’s appropriate for where we are. For us in the next couple of years we’re really going to focus on building phones that obviously showcase Windows 10, but we’re going to try to build phones for two audiences.

We’re going to build phones for our Windows fans. If you love Windows 10, if you love your Windows 10 tablet, or Surface, or laptop, we want to have a beautiful phone for you, something you’d be incredibly proud of that’s going to have the same experience across your devices, the same apps will run on the phone as run on your Windows 10 laptop or tablet. And it’s going to feel incredibly natural. And we really think the Windows fans really want a wonderful Windows Phone that will be a premium flagship phone.

We’re also going to build phones for businesses. We know business customers want a very, very secure phone that’s incredibly good at calendar management, at e-mail, at productivity, and Skype for Business, et cetera. And so we think those two segments are segments we can focus on and build a much, much better solution and much better business than we have today.

Four years from now, it’s too hard to predict. I think we have too much to do in front of us right now to get back in the game with the two audiences that we think we can serve incredibly well. And then we’ll see how things evolve. Then we’ll take it kind of one step at a time. But obviously we want to be in the phone space. We’re excited about the phones we’re delivering this holiday for those customer segments, but we’re just going to have to work and make them huge fans, and see what comes next.

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