Issue Regarding Microsoft Smoked By Windows Phone Contest (Update: Microsoft Offers Rematch)


1) Post title changed to reflect new info.
2) Microsoft just contacted us regarding this matter. As you can see from the below video, neither Ben nor his competitor noticed the issue in the contest. So Ben is ready to offer a re-match with the below contestant if he wants to. I guess Ben would even double down the price money if he wins ! ! ūüėČ
3) Added new video detailing how Android won by 5.5 seconds

So, here is the second chance for Android to prove itself.

Smoked by Windows Phone is a contest Microsoft is running at CES, where users can challenge their phone against Windows Phone and win $100 if their smartphone beats the Windows Phone. The catch? Microsoft is cheating√ā¬† (actually played fair).

In the scenario caught on video above, one of our friends at CES accepted the challenge. His phone? An Android – Samsung Galaxy S2.

Rules of the Competition: Both phones will start in the camera app. Both√ā¬†phones are connected to Microsoft’s WiFi hotspot.√ā¬†Upon saying go, both phones will take a picture and as quickly as possible, upload the picture to Facebook. The finish line is the point when the user finished the upload process (not when the upload actually completed sending the data). We confirmed this finish point with Microsoft.

What Happened: The Android device was actually finished before Windows Phone. However, the Android device showed that the upload failed, and because of that, the Windows Phone won.

What Really Happened: Uploads on both phones most likely failed. In the next competition, the Windows Phone failed to connect to Bing (Microsoft’s WiFi wasn’t working). Windows Phone simply doesn’t display ANY status messages about whether uploads completed or failed. The user is left in the dark. That is why it looked like Windows Phone worked and Android “failed”.

But that doesn’t even matter. The finish line is when the upload proccess for the user is completed, not the actual data exchange.√ā¬†Android was the√ā¬†first to the finish line, as seen in the video. In fact, Android does an even better job since it actually tells you that your upload didn’t work, whereas with Windows Phone you have no clue the upload didn’t work!

I fully support and love Windows Phone, but it is concerning that Microsoft resorted to lying. If Windows Phone is as good as they make it seem, it should be able to beat Android fair and square.

Update: Reader Matt makes an interesting point:

You fail to notice or investigate that Windows Phone does in fact deserve to win because it retries the uploads when either network connectivity is available again or the phone is not in battery saver mode. Thus making the experience better by not having to worry about remembering to reupload or giving up due to seeing failure. I agree it should mention “Upload failed, will try again shortly” or something like that.


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