Microsoft Changed The Destiny For Few People Who Had An Unlucky Friday 13th (Video)

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. Microsoft decided to change the destiny for few people who had an unlucky Friday 13th. For few people who broke their mobile devices on that day, Microsoft replaced it with Lumia Windows Phone device, Xbox One, Surface Pro 2, Office 365 and Skype cards.

It had the makings of the most ill-fated day of the year. A Friday that fell on the thirteenth, backed up for good measure by a full moon.

While many went a little crazy and some stayed inside to avoid misfortune, we decided to transform the day of a few lucky, and unsuspecting, souls as this video shows.

And for these coffee drinkers, their unlucky day just turned into their luckiest day of the year.

via: Conversations