Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Thinks HoloLens Is ‘The New Desktop’


24, 2015

Microsoft Hologram

A day before, Microsoft revealed an entirely new product category with Windows Hologrpahic and HoloLens hardware. Microsoft HoloLens puts you at the center of a world that blends holograms with reality. With the ability to design and shape holograms, you’ll have a new medium to express your creativity, a more efficient way to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize your work and share ideas.

Speaking at World Economic Forum in Davos, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that HoloLens are “the new desktop.” Given the fact that HoloLens is just in its prototype form, this is a very bold statement from Satya and it indicates the confidence Microsoft has in the product.

Nadella said the one incredible application for HoloLens that impresses him is that you can put them on and drive a rover around Mars, all while feeling as though the terrain of Mars has come to your office or living room.

“In 10 years or so, people will be using head-mounted displays that project 3D images that you can interact with in actual space.”

via: Business Insider

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