Microsoft celebrates ChakraCore’s first anniversary with an update on the road to parity on Linux

Microsoft made the sources for ChakraCore available under the MIT License at the ChakraCore GitHub repository a year back on Jan 13th, 2016. Yesterday, they celebrated ChakraCore’s first anniversary and provided an update on the road to parity on Linux. Last year in July, Microsoft first released an experimental implementation of ChakraCore interpreter and runtime on x64 Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Clang 3.8+) bringing a high fidelity ChakraCore JavaScript interpreter to execute on the Linux platform.

They have now ported all major architectural pieces of ChakraCore on Windows to Linux and they are now focused on adding the remaining few features such an Internationalization support, bug fixes and optimizing the performance characteristics for ChakraCore on Linux to be on par with Windows.

In the future, they will be strengthening ChakraCore support on Linux and bring it to release quality, continuing their efforts within the Node.js community around coming up with ABI stable Node APIs, supporting more JavaScript and WebAssembly features, and improving performance for real-world usage patterns.

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