Microsoft celebrates 10 years of OneDrive, promises many more


8, 2017

Today Microsoft is quietly celebrating the start of their consumer cloud journey with the 10th anniversary of their OneDrive cloud storage and file sharing product.

Launched  as Windows Live SkyDrive (and called Windows Live Folders while in beta), the service offers 500 MB free of your ‘personal “harddrive” on the internet – or “the cloud.”

In some ways, the spirit of the product has not changed much, even though free storage is now 10 times more.  Over the years the product gained and lost features and went through a number of controversies related either to this or to the amount of storage available to users, but I think in today’s multi-platform world the service has secured itself a stable base for Microsoft to build its consumer-facing cloud on, much again like a harddrive forms a basis for an operating system.

Currently, OneDrive serves over 115 million customers every day including 85% of the Fortune 500, with Microsoft focussing on collaboration features.

New features include a new sync client, increased file size support, viewers for over 270 different file types including DICOM, AI, PSD. PDF, Visio, and more, expanded version history support to all file types, iMessaging sharing, intelligent search powered by Microsoft Graph, new photo intelligence features, Microsoft Flow, and improved sharing and collaboration functionality across Mac, iOS, Android, Web and Windows.

Microsoft is currently working on Files On-Demand, due later this year and is promising incredible new mobile features, innovative ways to manage and secure your content, and smarter ways to make sharing and collaboration better than ever.

99% of our readers would automatically be OneDrive users either by virtue of having Windows Phones, Windows 10 or Office 365. What features do our readers think Microsoft should be adding? Let us know below.

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