Microsoft has decided to cancel its annual Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Summit citing the current Coronavirus outbreak as the reason. The MVP Summit attracts Microsoft MVPs from around the world for a 5-7 day event at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond.

However, this year Microsoft has taken the decision to call off the event due to the current travel restrictions and Coronavirus outbreak. The company is working on an online-only solution to ensure the event goes through even though no one could travel to the Microsoft headquarters. Just an hour ago, all the MVPs received an email from the company confirming the cancellation of the event.

Microsoft MVP Summit was slated to run from 15-20th March but won’t be taking place in Redmond. As for Build 2020, Microsoft is yet to make a decision but the company could cancel it too if the travel restrictions are not lifted. Earlier this month, Facebook cancelled its F8 conference citing the Coronavirus as the reason.