Microsoft builds an AI to catch smokers on a gas station



Public smoking has been an issue for countries around the world. However, the biggest safety issue countries face right now is smoking on or near a gas station. This is because the gasoline usually has a low auto-ignition point which means a single cigarette can cause an explosion.

This is a huge problem for gasoline companies across the world and needs an immediate fix. To fix the problem, Microsoft has been working with Shell to use AI to detect and stop smokers before a catastrophe. To achieve this, Microsoft installed cameras on gas stations which observe people and whenever certain behaviors like lighting a cigarette arose, the onboard AI flags the image and uploads it to the cloud where more robust AI determines if an alarm should be sounded. Microsoft didn’t talk much about the alarm but our best guess is it’s a silent alarm.

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To make it work perfectly, Microsoft developed a low-power image recognition system that could run locally within a framework that was capable of working with the cloud. The program is still in its initial stages and involves two Shell stations, one in Singapore and the other in Thailand but if successful, the company plans to add it everywhere.

You can read more about the technology and how Microsoft is using it on their blog here.

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