Microsoft is building an “incredible new” music experience for Windows users

Microsoft’s Groove Music Windows app might just be about to evolve away from simple music consumption.  In a job listing spotted by Music Radar, Microsoft’s head-hunters note that they are “looking for a stellar Senior Engineering Lead to help us invent incredible new music experiences.”

The job listing also lists the following as desirable characteristics:

  • You have an understanding of one or more of the following: digital audio workstations, music theory, digital signal processing, audio production.
  • You have experience delivering algorithm-focused composition tools or signal processing tools to the market.

While incredible new experiences could be reasonably inferred to refer to improving the Groove Music app and bringing it up to par with all consumer apps (something which I believe is already being worked on), the job listing also includes wording that indicates Microsoft is interested in content creation as well. You’ll note that the two other requirements I singled out feature understanding of “audio production” and “composition tools”, which hint at something that extends a bit more than a linear upgrade. Microsoft has been rumoured to be working on a Groove Music Maker app ever since an image of the app showed up during the WIndows 10 Creators event presentation last year.

While Microsoft hasn’t made any mention of this app since the Creators Update was released, the addition of Story Remix in the Fall Creators update might be one hint that Redmond is considering branching out and extending its consumption apps into creation apps as well in an attempt to increase their appeal.