Last month Microsoft announced that they have cancelled the physical Build 2020 event, but, like many other companies, would move the event online.

Today CNBC revealed what the event would look like.

For a start, the event, which usually cost several thousand dollars, will now be free.

It will also be more focussed on developers rather than the media attending, focusing on products and technologies rather than the big picture. This means keynotes will also be shorter. They are expected to focus on artificial intelligence technologies, the Azure cloud, and the Microsoft 365 cloud.

Much of the presentations will be pre-recorded by developers working from home, though a few events will be live, to allow for audience interaction, including via Twitter.

Journalists covering the event will be able to huddle in special Teams rooms.

Attendees will be able to start registering some time today, with the event scheduled for May 19-21.

Update: The registration is now open here: