Microsoft Build 2021: Registration now open

April 27, 2021
Microsoft Build Digital Event

Microsoft Build Digital Event

You can now register for Microsoft Build 2021 Digital Experience. Like last year, the conference is free and open for everyone. Microsoft Build will take place online May 25-27, 2021, starting at 8:00 AM in the Pacific Time zone. At Build 2021, you can hear from Microsoft experts like, Amanda Silver, Scott Hanselman, Kayla Cinnamon, Donovan Brown, Kevin Scott, and others discussing the future of technology.

Here’s what you expect at Build 2021:

  • Keynotes: Headlines and announcements delivered by executives
  • Technical/Breakout Sessions: More in-depth coverage of keynote content
  • Ask the Experts: Sessions with experts in cloud, desktop, mobile, and web development for guidance specific to your project or interests.
  • Humans of IT: Discover the intersection between humanity and tech through inspirational stories about humans who use tech for good. 
  • Table TopicsGather the community for live discussion on camera, and in chat! Get inspired by community experts, learn best practices, and discover helpful resources with other attendees.  
  • Local Connections: Opportunity to engage with attendees on a local level. Dedicated time for local leadership to deliver an experience to help attendees find developers and experts with similar interests within their region.  
  • Student Activities: Content covers key topics to help you get started across a variety of Microsoft technologies, job roles, and interests. 
  • Learn Live: Guided online with a subject matter expert to walk and talk through Microsoft Learn modules?. 
  • Partner Sessions: Connect with Microsoft Partners in either an Ask the Expert or Table Topics session
  • Product Roundtables: Two-way discussions between product teams and customers 
  • Cloud Skills Challenge: Complete preset collections of online learning modules for a chance to win prizes. 
  • One-on-One Consultations: One-on-One Consultations will provide Microsoft Build attendees a unique opportunity to connect with a Microsoft professional to discuss specific questions and solutions. Sessions are 45 minutes long and provide the only one-on-one setting at the conference.

You can register for Build 2021 conference here.

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