Microsoft brings Tiktok-style video creation to Office Mobile app

by Surur
December 14, 2021

Microsoft has announced that it is bringing the creation of short video content to the Office Mobile app.

In Q3 2021 the company integrated the Stream video player into the Office Mobile app. This allowed users to access and play videos on their professional network with ease, be it Teams Meetings Recordings, demos or tutorials sitting on your OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft says this feature was well-received, leading the company to take the next step – the creation of short video content right from the Office Mobile app.

With the Video Creation feature, enterprise users (those connected with OneDrive for Business accounts) will start seeing a ‘Video’ entry point on the app. Users can tap on it and start recording short video bytes up to 90s, and enrich it with text, annotations, ink etc. and trim and share it with the people on their network.

As mentioned above, this is a feature for enterprise users only ie. users connected with their OneDrive Business account.

Microsoft expects to begin rolling the feature in late December and expect the rollout to be completed in mid-February, and the feature will roll out automatically to all enterprise users with OneDrive for Business access.

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