Microsoft Brings The Intelligence Of Bing Image Search Into Sway Preview

Bing sway

Microsoft Sway team today announced a new feature for its service. They are adding the intelligence of Bing Image Search into Sway Preview. It now allows you to search for content from the web, review any applicable license terms, as well as make use of Sway’s intelligent assistance to help you with content searches.

Till now, Sway allows you to collect content from various sources like OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your device’s local storage. Today, Microsoft is adding the ability to search for Creative Commons licensed images directly from the Internet as they have integrated Bing Image Search functionality into Sway.

How it works?

Simply click the source dropdown and select Bing.  Type anything into the search bar, press Enter and get back the results for a Bing Image Search. A URL to the source of the image is provided, which allows you to navigate to the original image and review the license terms to make sure your use is permitted. You are responsible for respecting others’ rights, including copyright. Learn more here.

Just like with Sway’s other sources, you can simply drag and drop any image from the Bing Image Search results right into your Sway. No need to first download an image to your hard drive and then upload it to Sway.

You can expand your search by clicking the “Show all results” button, but you are still responsible for respecting the rights of others.

Adding images from Bing Image search is cool, but how about an intelligent assistant powered by Bing?

Sway continuously analyzes what you’ve written and suggests terms for related Bing image searches, which you can initiate with just a tap or click. After initiating a search, you’ll see results for images tagged with Creative Commons licenses that you may be able to use.

When you first open the Add Content pane, Sway defaults to the “Suggested” option. From the first word you add to your Sway, Suggested searches uses natural language processing to begin showing tags for related words and phrases you might be interested in, based on what you’ve already written. When you see a tag you like, tap or click it to perform the Bing Image Search based on these words or phrases. After you confirm your use is permitted, you can just drag and drop any desired image result right into your Sway!

Also Sway weights its suggested search terms towards the specific content in the card you’re currently working with in the Storyline, so that you get suggested search terms that are particularly relevant to you in real time. For example, if you’re writing about Italy, but you’re working in a section about history and philosophy, Sway will tailor its suggested searches to related topics such as Venice, Thucydides, Baths of Caracalla, Giorgio Napolitano—even if you didn’t specifically mention them by name.

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