Microsoft brings some of the Surface Studio magic to the Surface Pro with improved kickstand

Microsoft today unveiled a new Surface: the Surface Pro. The new Surface Pro is the successor to the Surface Pro 4, but Microsoft is changing the branding of the device to simply call it the “Surface Pro” which is an interesting change. The new Surface Pro includes some spec upgrades — the processor, for instance, has been upgraded to Intel’s latest and greatest Kaby Lake processors to give you more power. But there’s another key change in the new Surface Pro.

And that’s the kickstand.

Microsoft is bringing some of the Surface Studio magic to the Surface Pro line with a new and improved kickstand. The improved kickstand allows the Surface Pro to lie even flatter, similar to the Surface Studio’s studio mode. Thanks to the new 165-degree hinge, interacting with a Surface Pen on the Surface Pro is a lot easier and intuitive. Plus, sketching using Windows Ink should feel much better thanks to the upgraded hinge on the new Surface Pro.

Microsoft has also evolved the Surface Pen for the Surface Pro. The new Surface Pen comes with 4096 pressure levels and tilt detection. The new tilt detection will be able to detect the angle of the pen to enable shading and greater accuracy for a much more intuitive inking experience on the Surface Pen, bundled with the new kickstand.

You can grab the Surface Pro from the Microsoft Store here.