Microsoft brings Snapchat-style photo effects to Skype


8, 2017

Last month, we reported that Microsoft is bringing Snapchat-style photo effects to its Skype mobile apps. This new feature is now available for everyone running the latest version of Skype for iOS and Android

Microsoft is leveraging the features in its pre-existing Sprinkles iOS app to provide additional functionality for users with dynamic stickers, celebrity lookalikes and more.

It’s very similar to Snapchat’s and Instagram’s filters and stickers and is aimed at grabbing the same audience for Skype, which has increasingly been searching for a purpose in a time where every messaging app has voice and video built in.

Part of this is Microsoft’s effort to push Skype’s Highlights as a way to share part of your day in a way that people use Instagram and Snapchat stories. Microsoft hasn’t provided any concrete numbers, so we can’t gauge to what extent it has been successful, however, going off the lack of numbers and the relatively low reviews, we can infer that Microsoft is having some trouble getting users to take to this change.

Microsoft’s update will be rolling out to users on Android and iOS from today.

Source: Microsoft

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