Microsoft brings #smokedbywindowsphone to Hong Kong, achieve flawless victory


The Smoked by Windows Phone stunt has really resonated both inside and outside the community, and now Microsoft Hong Kong has brought the contest to the region.

The contest is running from Friday to Sunday, and the first day’s results are already in.  11 contestants, hoping to win HK$1000 (~US$130) in cash, took the challenge, hosted by Paul the Windows Phone Guy, and all 11 left, unfortunately none the richer, except of course with the knowledge that Windows Phones complete common tasks faster than most other smartphones.

The contests were recorded using special cameras and broadcast on large screens for passers-by to see.

Losers included Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S, HTC Sensation XL, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note and an unknown brand and model of Android phone from Japan. has photos of the event, and will be reporting on further losses over the next 2 days.

See more pictures there.