Microsoft brings AMP integration to Bing on Android and iOS


Microsoft today rolled out a new update for Bing on Android and iOS. The company is bringing a very nice feature with the latest update, which brings integration for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP is an open-source project started by the folks at Google, which basically provides a way faster browsing experience for users on their mobile devices.

At the moment, AMP is mostly being used by media outlets, and it really is quite impressive. For example, when you search for an article related to Windows Phone or Cortana on Bing, you’ll get some articles in the search results — and clicking on them would open up the article almost instantly. Web pages that support AMP also provide a much simpler experience on mobile devices removing a lot of the annoying ads and focusing mainly on the actual content.

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Marcelo De Barros, Group Engineering Manager in charge of the AMP integration at Bing stated:

“We started experimenting with AMP in our Bing App last May and have noticed that AMP pages load, on average, approximately 80% faster than non-AMP pages. Lighter pages also translate into less data being transferred over the network, requiring less network bandwidth to be downloaded.”

While AMP integration isn’t found in a lot of websites at the moment, a good amount of websites has started adding AMP integration which is a really great news. If you are interested in trying out AMP on Bing, you can get the latest update on Android here, and on your iPhone here.

Image via VentureBeat

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