Microsoft is bringing callkit integration to Skype for Business on iOS10




Microsoft is adept at supporting Apple’s newest iOS updates with its services, and iOS10 is n exception. At Ignite today, Microsoft demoed upcoming support for Apple’s CallKit framework for its Skype for Business app.

To bring some background to this, CallKit is a new framework introduced in iOS 10 that allows VoIP apps to display full-screen notifications – like Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile and Google’s Android do already – and integrate into the system dialer UI for easier access for users as opposed to showing up like a banner notification.

By integrating with CallKit, VoIP apps like Skype and Skype for Business become more reliable as primary communication networks while on the go, an invaluable advantage for business users.

iOS users can expect the new Skype for Business update to hit the iTunes store soon.

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