Microsoft Brags About Being The Only “Leader” In All Four Gartner Magic Quadrants Related To The Cloud


25, 2014

Data Center Fuel Cell

Microsoft today highlighted on their blog that Microsoft is the ‘only’ player which is recognized as a leader in all of the following key Magic Quadrants reports related to the cloud from Gartner.

What is Magic Quadrant and how it is important?

The MQ is a two-by-two matrix that rates vendors in a particular market/segment on two axis – Vision and Execution. Organizations that rate high on both Vision and Execution are placed in the upper right quadrant of the matrix and are referred to as Leaders in that specific category.

These MQs are a solid source of input for customers as they make decisions about who of they will choose as their key partners. They are a great source of input, although they’re not necessarily the authoritative source organizations use for their final decision making.

If an enterprise feels confident working with vendors in the leader quadrant, and if they are prioritizing cloud flexibility, then they are going to want to partner with whichever vendor is identified as a leader in all four MQ’s noted above and Microsoft is the only vendor. In fact, Microsoft is the only vendor that appears in leaders category in 3!

Our strategy has very purposefully driven us to this leadership position in the industry.  We are the only vendor that can provide the consistency that empowers IT to seamlessly migrate workloads/apps across private, hosted, and public clouds. This vision has been core to every aspect of our strategy. Taken together, these four MQ’s, emphasize that Microsoft has the broadest vision, combined with strong execution across the breadth of these offerings.

Another huge Microsoft-only strength is that migrating workloads/apps is especially fast across our clouds because all of them clouds are compatible and interoperable.

Read more about it here.

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