Microsoft Bing Reveals New Music Video Search Experience



Bing Music Video Discovery

Last year, Microsoft Bing announced a new music video search experience which allows you to explore, discover and browse music videos on Bing. Microsoft then indexed about 1.7 million songs, 70,000 artists and a half a million albums. After looking at how people search for music videos, Bing team realized that when people search for music videos they tend to explore rather than finding what they were looking for and then moving on. Today, they have revealed an experience that lets you seamlessly scan through the carousel based on top songs and individual albums.

Here is how it works,

  • Now when you search for an artist, band, album or song we will trigger a dynamic carousel. For instance, if you search for Daft Punk we showcase their top songs at the top of the page.
  • From there, you can start exploring their songs without leaving the page. By clicking “Get Lucky”, we showcase a high quality video in the upper left of the results, which you can play or keep browsing songs in the carousel.
  • You can also use the carousel to browse by album – all without refreshing the page.
  • Once you have find an album you’re interested in, click on the image and we’ll display the songs so you can narrow down your search.

Microsoft already offers a cool feature which allows you to watch snippet of a video before launching the player or related artists that gives you handy list to expand your search.

Source: Bing

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