Microsoft Bing’s Page insights allows you to save time online


23, 2021

Microsoft Bing Page Insights

Microsoft Bing is getting a new feature called Page insights. Page insights will offer a summarized insights from a web page on your search results. To view the summarized insights, you have to hover over the lightbulb icon next to the search results.

For example, if you search for “asteroid belt”, you can hover over the lightbulb icon for the top result, and you’ll see that the page in question addresses your question in detail. You can also click ‘Read more’ button to get dropped onto the portion of the page that discusses your question in detail.

The new Page insights feature is available on Bing desktop experience only, due to the screen size required to properly display the results. Right now, this feature is available in most English-speaking markets with more coming soon.

Source: Microsoft

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