Microsoft Bing Streamlines MSDN API Search Experience For Developers



Microsoft Bing today announced a new feature that will help programmers to search API documentations on MSDN. Read about it below.

For programmers looking up API reference information is a critical part of their daily routine. Whether they’re looking for syntax, availability, support versions or guidelines, being able to quickly reference API information is essential to getting the job done.

In the example below, you can see that we have surfaced relevant information directly on the results page so people don’t have to click through to MSDN to see if they have the right reference material. At a glance you can see:

1. Find the .Net versions supported.

2. View Code snippets explaining the syntax of this particular class.

3. Navigate to the appropriate version directly from the results page.

4. View syntax in the supported languages.

Source: Bing

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