Microsoft Bing Is Now Predicting The NFL Playoffs Results


20, 2014

Bing NFL Playoffs

Microsoft today announced that Bing Predicts has run simulations to provide theprojections for the seeding of the NFL playoff teams. And these NFL Playoffs predictions will be delivered to users on the web.

It is worth noting that our models predict winners through the rest of the season to determine the seeding.  Readers will notice that these differ from ‘if the season ended today’ projections because, well, the season isn’t over and remaining schedules are a big factor.  For instance, we project that Green Bay’s favorable end of season schedule will allow them to overtake both their division foe Detroit Lions as well as Super Bowl 49 hosts Arizona in the NFC.? While Green Bay is playing Tampa Bay (2-8), Atlanta (4-6), and Minnesota (4-6), the Arizona Cardinals, despite being 9-1, have to play defending champion Seattle twice, travel to San Francisco, and host Kansas City.

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Bing

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