Microsoft Bing Extends Its Partnership With Twitter To Index Public Tweets

Microsoft announced that they have extended their deal with Twitter to index public tweets for its social search results. Microsoft presents the public tweets in Bing search results in the sidebar. Microsoft commented the following on this deal, “The past four years partnering with Twitter have been great, and we’re excited  to continue that relationship in order to help deliver the best possible search  experience.”

At Bing, we believe that for every search there is somebody out there who can help. That’s why we have been teaming up with Twitter for a few years to surface public tweets from people who may have something to contribute to what you’re trying to get done with Bing.

Whether it’s a politician, celebrity, thought leader or friend, our renewed partnership with Twitter ensures that you have near real-time access to what people are tweeting tailored to what you’re searching for.

Source: Bing