Microsoft: Bing Desktop & Mobile Ad Clicks Up 30% And 133% Respectively From Last Year

David Pann, general manager for Microsoft’s Search Network today blogged about the performance of Microsoft Bing Ads and their future. Microsoft revealed that clicks on Bing ads are up 30% from a year ago, and mobile ad clicks jumped 133%. Microsoft cited no.of new features they added over the past few months such as the new Call Extensions, product ads and new ad formats. Microsoft also promised advertisers that they will be able to manage 1 million keywords by year-end as opposed to the current limitation of 100,000 and also offer ad performance reports in under a half-hour as opposed to the current 4 hours delay. Finally, Microsoft also said that they are 200% committed to Yahoo partnership.

  • Our clicks are up by 30% — nearly a third — in the past year. Mobile clicks are up 133%, a reflection of both the huge growth in that segment as well as our efforts to help our advertisers target mobile users.
  • Delivering ad formats, like Sitelink and Location Extensions, driving higher click volume for our advertisers across more global markets. Global readiness is part of our release rigor to ensure all advertisers get the most return out of their investment with us.
  • We’ve expanded our coverage to 35 countries, with our launch in Hong Kong and Taiwan last winter, bringing us an expanded footprint on five continents. We have also seen immediate growth in cross border campaigns for English speaking markets and anticipate continued opportunities for advertisers.
  • We’ve delivered more than 100 new features across all markets in the past year with emphasis on mobile, as well as cross-device capabilities like the update of Call Extensions. Our goal is to create consumer experiences that enable advertiser success.
  • We have experienced double digit revenue-per-search growth over the past year, and remain 200% committed to our partnership with Yahoo.
  • Our continued engagements with advertisers globally through product advisory groups, agency meetings and the deeper technology conversations with the tool providers – enable our teams to listen, and deliver, against top requests more efficiently.

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Source: Forbes