Microsoft Bing adds more tools for developers in search results page


Few weeks back, Bing released new tools for musicians in search results. This month, Bing is releasing commonly used developer tools that will appear directly in search results page.

Color picker

This tool makes the conversion between HSV, RGB, and Hex color codes easier. The Bing color picker is helpful for web developers trying to find the best color for their page, as they can see the color shades instantly!

Encoding and decoding

When you need to encode or decode Base64, HTML or a URL, try Bing’s new encoding tools. They are simple, yet powerful, and will help you accomplish your task quickly.

Syntax formatting

The next time you’re staring at minimized JSON, JavaScript, CSS, XML or HTML, use Bing’s syntax formatters to make the code easier to read.

The Bing ASCII table

Check out this slick reference tool to help with projects and homework. When a web developer wants to create a special character in HTML, they can use this table to know how to specify the character with HEX or a special HTML string.

Bing QR code generator

This is a great tool to use when sharing your web pages once you’re done developing! Just insert the web URL and your custom QR code will update instantly.

Source: Bing