Microsoft Bing Adds More Intelligent Autocomplete For Academic And Movie Searches




Microsoft today announced intelligent autocomplete feature for movie and academic searches on Bing. To help users express their intent in the form of a query that will find the correct information the user is looking for, Bing already has autocomplete feature which provides instant answers as you type. Now the Bing team is using the technology built by TNR (Microsoft’s Technology and Research team) and the Bing semantic graph allowing users to construct highly structured queries making use of Bing’s deep knowledge of specific topic areas.

For movie search: If you were looking for that movie from 1982 directed by Steven Spielberg starring Drew Barrymore, it would be nice if your search engine could help you formulate the query. Check the below image,


This new feature allows users to formulate natural language queries about the domain through autocomplete. Here are some of the kinds of queries that the user can formulate:

• Movies by director
• Movies starring an actor in a particular genre
• Movies from a particular year starring a certain actor
• Movies starring a pair of actors

For Academic search: The feature allows users to explore the relationships between papers, authors, topics and publications through a large object graph. Following scenarios are supported,

• Find all papers by an author
• Find a paper written by particular co-authors
• Find a paper about a specific topic presented at a conference
• Suggest titles or authors

Check the example below,



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