Microsoft Bing adding “Fact Check” label to help users spot fake news

Microsoft is finally taking steps to keep its users informed about fake news. Microsoft today announced that they are adding “Fact Check” label in Bing search results to help users spot fake news online. Bing will use this label for both news articles and web pages that contain fact check information to allow users to have additional information to judge for themselves whether that news or web page is trustworthy. Check out the image above to see how “Fact Check” information will be displayed.

Bing will display this label to any page that has ClaimReview markup included on the page. Webpages should consider the following criteria when they use this tag.

  • The analysis must be transparent about sources and methods, with citations and references to primary sources included.
  • Claims and claim checks must be easily identified within the body of fact-check content. Readers should be able to determine and understand what was checked and what conclusions were reached.
  • The page hosting the ClaimReview markup must have at least a brief summary of the fact check and the evaluation if not the full text

If you are a webmaster, read more about how Bing will consider your markup and display it in the search results page here.