Microsoft: Better to make a million dollars than sell a million apps


26, 2011

Brandon Watson has encouraged developers to charge more for their applications.

At a press briefing he told reporters:

"We are a bit more holistic in terms of the behaviours we’re trying to reward in our marketplace and that sustains a higher price point. I’d rather developers sell fewer than a million downloads and get to a million dollars. If we can support a higher price point that’s good for developers.”

Being a software company itself Microsoft has always discouraged the race to the bottom which has seen the majority of applications being either free or very cheap.

Certainly with Xbox Live games this trend has been more than prominent, with even extremely old games being sold for relatively high prices. Independent developers have also complained that these games also get the majority of sales, suggesting Xbox Live ISVs are not just charging high prices, but reaping high profits from good sales also.

On a different note Brandon has also suggested that of the majority of the 500 new features in Windows Phone Mango which has not been announced are quite a few features which will make users very happy.

"There are more delighters coming," he said.


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