Microsoft believes Windows 10 and Universal apps will close the app gap


The App Gap is the major reason why Windows Phone is disadvantaged compared to other platforms like iOS and Android.

Now Greg Sullivan, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Director of Public Relations, has told PCWorld they think that Windows 10 will fix this issue once and for all by increasing the installed base for modern apps to close to 1.5 billion near instantly.

“We expect many (windows users) will upgrade,” Sullivan said. How many? “Very many,” he said.

On Windows 10 universal apps will work on phone, PC and even the Xbox, creating a massive user base for developers.

“You will suddenly have critical mass and a compelling reason for developers to make universal apps,” Sullivan explained.

While Microsoft’s strategy is clear, I continue to question its likely effectiveness. There is no evidence that Windows 10 will change the way users use Windows – as mainly a platform for third party web browsers and for doing work, while using their phones for their “apps”.

Do our readers think Windows 10 will change anything, or will the Windows Phone continue to carry the burden of developing the Windows “app” market?