Microsoft becomes active in HTML 5 steering groups

html5 Microsoft has actually contributed towards the creation of HTML 5, but has left most of the implementation of the new standard up to Apple, Opera and Google.  It seems Microsoft has now had a change of heart, and has started to take a more active approach to the technology, which aims to make HTML a better application platform, and ease the embedding of audio and video in web pages.

In a mailing list posting Internet Explorer Program Manager Adrian Bateman said:

"As part of our planning for future work, the IE team is reviewing the current editor’s draft of the HTML5 spec and gathering our thoughts. We want to share our feedback and discuss this in the working group," "I will post our notes as we collect them so we can iterate on our thinking more quickly. At this stage we have more questions than answers, but I believe that discussing them in public is the best way to make progress."

Microsoft supporting this upcoming standard is important for Windows Mobile, as support for Windows Mobile based browsers are pretty poor, meaning while many sites support the more limited iPhone, Windows Mobile devices have to resort to proxy browsers like Skyfire or poor-performing flash plug-ins. By complying with standards sites designed for other browsers should work just as well on Windows Mobile

While the first implementations are likely to be on the desktop, Microsoft has stated future versions of Windows Mobile will see more and more shared code between the desktop and mobile versions.

Do not expect to see results soon however.  According to Amy Barzdukas, General Manager for IE:

"The support of ratified standards (that Web developers) can use is something that we are extremely supportive of,"  "In some cases, it can be premature to start claiming support for standards that are not yet in fact standards."


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