Microsoft Band becomes the official training wearable of Tough Mudder


Microsoft today announce that Microsoft Band has become the official training wearable of Tough Mudder this season. As part of this new collaboration, Microsoft is working with Coach Mud to build custom Guided Workouts that help you train for the Tough Mudder challenge. You can download the Tough Mudder Guided Workout to help you achieve your fitness goals.

With 11 advanced sensors, Microsoft Band tracks your heart rate and calorie burn during your workout and provides actionable insights to help you improve over time. Stay fit, monitor and track your cardio benefit and recovery time after each training session, and use the built-in GPS to map your runs or bike rides, and the barometer to track your elevation gains. You can even compare yourself to Tough Mudder trainers and others like you to prove you’re the champion we know you are!

You can now order Microsoft Band 2 for just $175($75 Off) using below links,