Microsoft launches Back2Business Solution Boxes for SMBs in India


Microsoft today announced the launch of the Back2Business Solution Boxes for SMBs in India. There are four variants of the Solution Boxes, but Microsoft partners can further customize it based on client’s needs.

  • Starter: Designed for small organizations that require remote working and collaboration solutions in a secure environment.
  • Booster: Made for mid-sized businesses that need both online and desktop applications, customer management, backup service, and a secure disaster recovery strategy.
  • Modern Business: Crafted for SMB customers who require a simple security foundation along with their productivity suite.
  • Advanced: Meant for SMBs that need advanced security capabilities, cost reduction and better infrastructure management.

These Solution Boxes include Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Teams, Azure and other Microsoft services.

“Small and medium enterprises are an integral part of the Indian economy. We’ve witnessed their resilience and entrepreneurial energy in action as we build the new normal in these difficult times. In our efforts to support these businesses operate today without constraints and be future-ready with the best-in-class technological platform and solutions, the Back2Business Solution Boxes offer speed in deployment and usage and flexibility with pay-as-you-go pricing, along with our commitment to privacy and security,” said Harish Vellat, Senior Director, Small and Mid-Corporate Business, Microsoft India.

Source: Microsoft