Microsoft expands partnership with companies in space industry via Azure Space Partner Community

July 20, 2022
logos of Microsoft's Azure Space Partners
Microsoft’s Azure Space Partners

To better master the space industry, Microsoft unveiled Azure Space Partner Community. According to the tech giant, it will be an “ecosystem of space partners” that will receive different benefits, from co-innovation to scaling solutions. Through this launch, Microsoft also hopes to expand its cohort of space community partners by gaining more partnerships in the future.

According to Microsoft, since the start of Azure Space in 2020, it has already established different partnerships with space operators, manufacturers, systems integrators, data providers, ISVs, and startups, to name a few. In particular, some of its partners now include, Omnispace, Orbital Insight, SES, SkyWatch, SpaceX, Thales Alenia Space, Xplore, US Electrodynamics, Airbus, Amergint, Ball Aerospace,, Esri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, iDirect, Intelsat, Kratos, KSAT, Loft Orbital, Nokia, and Viasat.

The partnerships with different companies have helped Azure Space to offer additional valuable services, such as connectivity, earth observation, virtualization, data processing, analytics, and ground infrastructure. The launch of Azure Space Partner Community will improve the service, resulting in a more satisfying experience for customers.

“The Azure Space Partner Community enables our partners to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative offerings to joint customers, helping to shape the future of space technologies and services,” Stephen Kitay, Senior Director of Microsoft Azure Space, writes in a blog post. “The space industry is rapidly advancing and we believe in the power of bringing together this community in an ecosystem … We are excited to rapidly innovate and advance the industry with our inaugural cohort of partners, and we look forward to welcoming new partners in the days to come.”

Microsoft also promises to deliver a wide variety of benefits to its partners and other companies who will join the community. It includes co-innovation and engineering, go-to-market scale and support, marketing and community involvement, and product offering incentives.

Companies interested in joining the community can now sign up today.

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